Obstetrics and Gynecology residents recieve a variety of benefits from paid vacations and licensure fee reimbursements to free meals.
Salary 2012/2013
  • Program Year 1 - $47,195
  • Program Year 2 - $48,692
  • Program Year 3 - $50,793
  • Program Year 4 - $53,310
Vacation (paid)
  • Program Year 1 - 3 weeks
  • Program Year 2 - 3 weeks
  • Program Year 3 - 3 weeks
  • Program Year 4 - 3 weeks
  • All - 6 holidays (July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Memorial Day)
Conference Leave (paid)
  • Program Year 2 - 5 days, $850
  • Program Year 3 - 5 days, $1,250
  • Program Year 4 - 5 days, $1,500
Education & Travel
Residents are reimbursed for approved educational travel expenses. All of the funds allocated for conferences may also be used to purchase educational materials (books, PDA, medical software, laptop, etc.)
Licensure Cost Reimbursement
Residents are reimbursed to cost of the application fee and activation fee for:
  • Florida State medical licensure
  • USMLE III examination fees (Required for each resident by the end of the first year)
Insurance Benefits
  • Comprehensive health insurance is provided at a low, subsidized, monthly cost for the resident and family, if desired.
  • Dental and Vision insurance.
  • Medical Liability insurance is provided, without cost, to the resident.
  • Individual life insurance, equivalent to 100% of a resident's salary, provided without cost. The value of the policy's benefit may be increased at the resident's expense.
Other Benefits
  • Free meals are provided, from the hospital cafeteria.
  • Free white lab coats are provided for incoming residents.
  • Free hospital scrubs are provided.
  • Free, secure, covered parking attached to the Family Health Center.
  • Tax deferred annuity with BMC matching funds (403b).
  • Onsite Child Development center and the "Bearly Sick Child Care Program".
  • Onsite fitness and wellness center.
  • Employee Assistance program - confidential counseling services.
  • Direct deposit
Residency Manual
You can download the latest version of the residency manual Here.
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